My vision is to help people lead healthy, happy and empowered lives...

Meet Karlie...

I am a passionate naturopath who is totally committed to getting you back on track!

My focus is on empowering you to bring about change and vitality into your life. 

I specialise in getting to the core of whats going on with you and your health whether that is physical, nutritional, biochemical or emotional.

I am experienced in Nutrition, Herbal Medicine, Functional testing, Iridology, NET-Neuro Emotional Technique and EFT- Emotional Freedom Technique.

This range of tools allows me to get deep into whats going on with you and allows me to put all the pieces together to help balance and restore health and your vitality.

I also utilise specialised testing in clinic and also refer for pathology or functional testing if required to help give us a better picture on your overall health.

I am a mum of 2 beautiful girls and the lessons and teachings of being a busy mum has also benefited me in clinical practice. I have a real passion and dedication to improving Women's health as well as their children.

Areas of focus I'm particularly interested in are:

  • Helping busy women and busy mums restore their Energy and Focus 

  • Improving and solving digestive issues including IBS- Irritable bowel syndrome, Food intolerances,  parasites, SIBO- Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, IBD- Chrons, and Ulcerative colitis

  • Supporting people through Stress, Anxiety or just dealing with the busy pace of life

  • Identifying and improving Thyroid issues including- hypothyroid/underactive, hyperthyroid, hashimotos, graves disease

  • Correcting Hormonal problems including symptoms with cycle- painful, heavy or irregular periods, PMS, PCOS, endometriosis

  • Assiting with Weight loss and specialising in dietary advice

  • Improving Sleep issues - insomnia and poor sleep maintenance

  • Supporting healthy immune function 

  • Supporting Pregnancy, fertility and my passion -post partum mums

  • Specialising  in Infants, toddlers and kids health including- digestive issues, food intolerance, fussy eaters, poor immunity, eczema or skin conditions,  anxiety, sleeping issues, bed wetting

Come and see me, and lets make a plan to get you on track!


Frequently asked questions!

What is Naturopathy?

Naturopathic principles are based on treating each person as an individual and treating the whole person, not just the affected area. It is focused on addressing the root cause of what is happening in the body and putting a plan in practice to restore health. The body has an innate ability to heal. Naturopathy treatment is based on encouraging wellness and removing things that hinder the self healing capacity. Naturopathy uses both scientific evidence based and traditional medicine to provide a wholistic healthcare to encourage optimal wellness as well playing a major role in preventative medicine. A Naturopath can be thought as your holistic health coach. You will get help, guidance, empowerment, education and support in all areas of your health and wellbeing.
Naturopathy encompasses a variety of treatment methods including:
· Herbal medicine to help prevent and treat various illnesses
· Nutritional supplements to correct deficiencies and restore balance
· Dietary and nutritional advice for restoration of balance, detoxification and prevention of disease
· Lifestyle advice to promote well-being and to reduce stress Naturopathy encompasses six principles: The healing power of nature First do no harm Find and treat the cause whenever possible, not only the symptoms Treat the whole person Education Prevention

What conditions can you help?

Poor Energy/ Fatigue Poor concentration and focus Weight loss, dietary advice Digestive issues including IBS, Food intolerances, parasites, SIBO, Chrons, and Ulcerative colitis Stress, Anxiety or just dealing with the busy pace of life Thyroid disorders- hypothyroid/underactive, hyperthyroid, hashimotos, graves disease Hormonal problems including symptoms with cycle- painful, heavy or irregular periods, PMS, PCOS, endometriosis Sleep problems - insomnia and poor sleep maintenance Improving immunity or recovering from illnesses- cold and flu Pregnancy, fertility, post partum mums Infants, toddlers or kids health including- digestive issues, food intolerances, fussy eaters, poor immunity, eczema or skin conditions, anxiety, sleeping issues, bed wetting

What services do you offer?

One on one consultations Follow on consultations NET consultations Skype consultations Testing appointments Live blood analysis Dry blood analysis Food intolerance testing Cellular Health Analysis Body Composition Scan Iridology Refer for Functional pathology including stool samples, SIBO breath testing, Salivary hormonal testing Neuro-emotional Technique- NET Emotional Freedom Techinque- EFT

How much does it cost for a consultation?

Inital consultation- $180 Child consultation (under 15) $149 Follow on consultation- $110 Testing consultation- $129 Results consultation- $129 Review consultation - $110 Extra tests avaliable: Food intolerance testing- $220 Hair 500 testing $220

How long are the appointments?

Inital consultations - 1 hour Results and Review 30 minutes

What to expect in each consultation?

Appointment 1 – Your initial appointment is a through health history appointment. This appointment is aimed at gathering as much information as possible to get a through understanding to what is going on with you. In this appointment you receive a complete physical health assessment including a Cellular Health Analysis, Iridology, Zinc test and pH test of your urine and saliva to establish a baseline health status taking into consideration all your health information and data about your primary reason for coming. You will receive basic dietary guidelines and supplements to start improving your health while I investigate further.
Appointment 2 – Your next appointment includes targeted testing that may be needed based on the information gathered in your initial health screening. This may include testing such as Live Blood Screening, Dry blood test, Food intolerance testing and Iridology photos so that we can understand how your system overall is working. This will allow us to uncover the targeted information we need to create your individual program. These take a little more time and cannot be included in your first session. This is a testing only appointment and all results will be presented with your complete program available at appointment 3.
Appointment 3 - This is where we use all the information we gained from your health history, initial testing, live blood screening and iridology so we can have the best understanding about what's going on with your health and how we can correct it. Here you will receive your full treatment program with targeted dietary advice and supplements to correct the deeper layers of your health picture so you can heal the cause of your current issues rather than working only with the symptoms.

Follow on appointments – We will be able to discuss appointment schedule in the results consultation that works into your budget and what will be the best structure for us to get the best results. These appointments may be fortnightly, 3 weekly or monthly depending. In our follow up consultations Live blood screening, Dry blood screening, urine and saliva testing, zinc level testing as well as NET will be used when necessary to monitor and assess progress. These tests will not be an additional charge. The first 12 weeks is most important as we start to correct the underlying imbalances that have been at the root cause of your symptoms.

Can I use my Health Fund if I have Extras?

Yes- you should be able to claim if your extras include Natural therapies. Call your Health fund provider to confirm.


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5/115 Elder Street, Lambton NSW 2299

Phone- 0434 223 450


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