My vision is to help people lead healthy, happy and empowered lives...

Meet Karlie...

I am a passionate naturopath who is totally committed to getting you back on track!

My focus is on empowering you to bring about change and vitality into your life. 

I specialise in getting to the core of whats going on with you and your health whether that is physical, nutritional, biochemical or emotional.

I am experienced in Nutrition, Herbal Medicine, Functional testing, Iridology, NET-Neuro Emotional Technique and EFT- Emotional Freedom Technique.

This range of tools allows me to get deep into whats going on with you and allows me to put all the pieces together to help balance and restore health and your vitality.

I also utilise specialised testing in clinic and also refer for pathology or functional testing if required to help give us a better picture on your overall health.

I am a mum of 2 beautiful girls and the lessons and teachings of being a busy mum has also benefited me in clinical practice. I have a real passion and dedication to improving Women's health as well as their children.

Areas of focus I'm particularly interested in are:

  • Helping busy women and busy mums restore their Energy and Focus 

  • Improving and solving digestive issues including IBS- Irritable bowel syndrome, Food intolerances,  parasites, SIBO- Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, IBD- Chrons, and Ulcerative colitis

  • Supporting people through Stress, Anxiety or just dealing with the busy pace of life

  • Identifying and improving Thyroid issues including- hypothyroid/underactive, hyperthyroid, hashimotos, graves disease

  • Correcting Hormonal problems including symptoms with cycle- painful, heavy or irregular periods, PMS, PCOS, endometriosis

  • Assiting with Weight loss and specialising in dietary advice

  • Improving Sleep issues - insomnia and poor sleep maintenance

  • Supporting healthy immune function 

  • Supporting Pregnancy, fertility and my passion -post partum mums

  • Specialising  in Infants, toddlers and kids health including- digestive issues, food intolerance, fussy eaters, poor immunity, eczema or skin conditions,  anxiety, sleeping issues, bed wetting

Come and see me, and lets make a plan to get you on track!


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Clinic address:

5/115 Elder Street, Lambton NSW 2299

Phone- 0434 223 450


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Facebook- Karlie McKeand Naturopath

Instagram- karliemckeandnaturopath

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